University of Kirkuk (Scopus 2023)

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1 Baker M.R. Jihad K.H. Al-Bayaty H. Ghareeb A. Ali H. Choi J.-K. Sun Q. Uncertainty management in electricity demand forecasting with machine learning and ensemble learning: Case studies of COVID-19 in the US metropolitans 2023 Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 123 10.1016/j.engappai.2023.106350
2 Fakhrulddin Abdulqader M. Dawod A.Y. Zeki Ablahd A. Detection of tamper forgery image in security digital mage 2023 Measurement: Sensors 27 10.1016/j.measen.2023.100746
3 En-Nylly M. Skal S. El aoufir Y. Lgaz H. Adnin R.J. Alrashdi A.A. Bellaouchou A. Al-Hadeethi M.R. Benali O. Guedira T. Lee H.-S. Kaya S. Ibrahim S.M. Performance evaluation and assessment of the corrosion inhibition mechanism of carbon steel in HCl medium by a new hydrazone compound: Insights from experimental, DFT and first-principles DFT simulations 2023 Arabian Journal of Chemistry 16 6
4 Sabah Haseeb Q. Muhammed Yunus S. Attellah Ali Shoshan A. Ibrahim Aziz A. A study of the optimal form and orientation for more energy efficiency to mass model multi-storey buildings of Kirkuk city, Iraq 2023 Alexandria Engineering Journal 71 731 741 10.1016/j.aej.2023.03.020
5 Rmaidh M.I. Ibrahim S.A. A New Method for Solving Image Segmentation Problems using Global Optimization 2023 International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering 11 5s 85 92
6 Ait Mansour A. El-Haitout B. Adnin R.J. Lgaz H. Salghi R. Lee H.-S. Alhadeethi M.R. Messali M. Haboubi K. Ali I.H. Insights into the Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Isonicotinohydrazide Derivatives for N80 Steel in 15% HCl Medium: An Experimental and Molecular Level Characterization 2023 Metals 13 4 10.3390/met13040797
7 Salih L.M. Al-Qaradaghi T.M. Ameen J.J.H. An investigation of low-density parity-check codes and polar codes for future communication systems 2023 Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 30 1 110 120 10.11591/ijeecs.v30.i1.pp110-120
8 Hamad A.H. Dawod A.Y. Abdulqader M.F. Al-Barazanchi I. Gheni H.M. A secure sharing control framework supporting elastic mobile cloud computing 2023 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 13 2 2270 2277 10.11591/ijece.v13i2.pp2270-2277
9 Shihab M.A. Taha W.M. Hameed R.A. Jameel A. Sulaiman I.M. Implementation of variational iteration method for various types of linear and nonlinear partial differential equations 2023 International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 13 2 2131 2141 10.11591/ijece.v13i2.pp2131-2141
10 Özbayrak A. Ali M.K. Çıtakoğlu H. Buckling Load Estimation Using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis and Multigene Genetic Programming Method in Cantilever Beams with Transverse Stiffeners 2023 Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 48 4 5347 5370 10.1007/s13369-022-07445-6
11 Ali A.R. Ali A.M. Geochemistry of Major and Trace Elements in Recent Balakian River Sediments, Northern Iraq: Evidence for Provenance and Source Rocks 2023 Iraqi Geological Journal 56 1 1 12 10.46717/igj.56.1C.1ms-2023-3-12
12 Aesa A.A. Hussein M.A. Characterization the optical properties of biocompatible agarose and doped chitosan thin films and determination the refractive indices using swanepoel envelope method 2023 AIP Conference Proceedings 2475 10.1063/5.0102807
13 Nihad M. Ramadan F. Mohammed Ali S.I. Machine learning methods and approaches for predicting Covid19 2023 AIP Conference Proceedings 2591 10.1063/5.0119819
14 Jalal R.E. Faris M.R. A tracking MPC for a class of linear discrete systems 2023 AIP Conference Proceedings 2651 10.1063/5.0105425
15 Mohammed A.H.S. Hassan I.Z. Kadhem H.A. Abdulrahman R.B. SEMI-EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION OF ELECTRONIC, VIBRATIONAL AND THERMODYNAMIC PROPERTIES OF PERYLENE MOLECULE (C20 H12) 2023 East European Journal of Physics 2023 1 210 221 10.26565/2312-4334-2023-1-28
16 Ridha S.M.A. Ghaleb Z.T. Ghaleb A.M. COMPUTATIONAL INVESTIGATION OF IR AND UV-VIS SPECTRA OF 2-ISOPROPYL-5-METHYL-1,4-BENZOQUINONE USING DFT AND HF METHODS 2023 East European Journal of Physics 2023 1 197 204 10.26565/2312-4334-2023-1-26
17 Mussa Y.M. Azeez M.M. Kumait A.S. Ahmed M.A.F. Study the Cardiac Arrhythmia and Disease Among CCU Patients in Kirkuk City Hospitals (Comparative Study) 2023 Bahrain Medical Bulletin 45 1 1313 1317
18 Güneyli H. Saleh Ahmed S.M. Detecting abnormal seismic activity areas of Anatolian plate and deformation directions using Python Geospatial libraries 2023 Heliyon 9 3 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e14394
19 AL-Salihi S.Sh. Karim G.F. Al-Bayati A.M.S. Obaid H.M. Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage and their Antibiotic Resistant Patterns in Kirkuk City, Iraq 2023 Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology 17 1 329 337 10.22207/JPAM.17.1.22
20 Al-Gburi H.F. Al-Tawash B.S. Al-Tamimi O.S. Schüth C. Impacts of hydrogeochemical processes and land use practices on groundwater quality of Shwan sub-Basin, Kirkuk, northern Iraq 2023 Heliyon 9 3 10.1016/j.heliyon.2023.e13995
21 Kamal Asaad N. Abbood H.M. Comparing gingival inflammation and salivary acidity to hormonal variation during menstruation 2023 Saudi Dental Journal 35 3 251 254 10.1016/j.sdentj.2023.02.001
22 Lopez G.M.C. Myers M.B. Xie Q. Wood C.D. Al-Bayati D. Saeedi A. Wettability Alteration to Reduce Water Blockage in Low-Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs 2023 Transport in Porous Media 147 2 401 428 10.1007/s11242-023-01914-8
23 Raheem A.M. Developing a New Soil-Water Characteristic Model Using Nondestructive Electrical Properties for Unsaturated Soil 2023 Geotechnical and Geological Engineering 41 2 1589 1601 10.1007/s10706-022-02355-8
24 Masood M.N. Mohammed N. Husien K.S. Characterization of Eight Natural Dyes as Synthesizer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Technology 2023 Journal of Medicinal and Chemical Sciences 6 3 693 701 10.26655/JMCHEMSCI.2023.3.25
25 Zainal O.A. Ismael A.M. Jalal R.E. Experimental study of the effect of fuel types on the performance of spark ignition engine 2023 Heat Transfer 52 2 1591 1603 10.1002/htj.22756
26 Bresam S. Kh Al-Jumaily R.M. Karim G.F. Al-Rubaii B.A.L. Polymorphism in SNP rs972283 of the KLF14 gene and genetic disposition to peptic ulcer 2023 Biomedicine (India) 43 1 216 220 10.51248/.v43i1.2411
27 Al-Obaidi W.M.L. Al-Hashimi M.A.-A.Q. Al-Ani R.H. The effect of Mentha piperita oil in improving serotonin level, physiological factors, antioxidants and fertility markers in male rabbits on opioid oxycodone withdrawal 2023 Biomedicine (India) 43 1 172 176 10.51248/.v43i1.2418
28 Subbiah K. Lee H.-S. Al-Hadeethi M.R. Park T. Lgaz H. Assessment of the inhibitive performance of a hydrazone derivative for steel rebar in a simulated concrete medium: Establishing the inhibition mechanism at an experimental and theoretical level 2023 Chemical Engineering Journal 458 10.1016/j.cej.2023.141347
29 Hameed R.A. Taha W.M. Modhher S.M. Exponential Stability of Some Models of PDEs by Lyapunov Second Method 2023 AIP Conference Proceedings 2457 10.1063/5.0120640
30 Alkhazraji M.S. Allah S.M.A. Ben Ahmed A. A new study of the Mott scattering of electrons by Monte Carlo simulation 2023 Radiation Physics and Chemistry 203 10.1016/j.radphyschem.2022.110599